Wear a new attitude
not a uniform.


GTA Moda
GTA Moda is an Italian company, located in Padua, specialised in crafting timeless premium trousers designed to enhance any wardrobe with style and sophistication.
The effort to strategically re-position GTA in the market and distinguish it from competitors began with thorough research conducted through user questionnaires and one-on-one interviews. The investigation sought to comprehend consumers' preferences in both online and in-store shopping, their criteria, expectations regarding experience and aesthetics, as well as their references and benchmarks.
Built around the research, an entire world was fashioned to deliver a distinctive experience across every touchpoint for both B2B and B2C clients. Our efforts encompassed B2B tools such as company profile and look books, and B2C elements including social media strategy, shop window design, and the e-commerce website. From copywriting to styling, we curated not only the glamorous aspects but also ensured consistency throughout the entire experience.
It was an extensive journey and a challenging learning experience, immersing ourselves in an industry perpetually ahead of its time. New collections are sold to buyers a year before they reach the shops, anticipating the final user's viewing and purchase by a year. In fashion, one works for the future while simultaneously tending to the present, which swiftly becomes the past.The bold decision that repositioned the company on the map involved opting for Artificial Intelligence instead of traditional photoshoots for their campaigns. A rarity in the fashion industry, we also conceived unique claims for each campaign, creating a crescendo to encapsulate the company ethos and connect with the right customers. The outcome was phenomenal, and the Spring-Summer 2024 campaign earned recognition from Vogue as one of the standout campaigns of the season. It required several months and a highly dedicated team of designers to train the AI engine, enabling it to generate a myriad of worlds and scenarios that could immerse both the company and the audience in entirely novel and distinctive realms.

Autumn Winter 23/24

Inspired by Italo Calvino's 'Invisible Cities,' the Autumn-Winter 2023-24 campaign reimagines a series of unique cities, each a distinct reinterpretation of Venice. Embracing the claim 'Let the journey begin,' the campaign symbolises an exploration for those who wear GTA trousers, harmonising with the brand's foundational values of innovation, elegance, timelessness, and a collective dedication to fostering positive change through mindful choices.

Spring Summer ‘24

The Spring-Summer 2024 campaign delves into the exploration of dreams and desires, inspired by a 1960s French motto quoted by Albert Camus. Encouraging individuals to ask for the impossible, the campaign features models immersed in surreal, imaginative worlds, challenging reality. With the claim 'Wear a new attitude, not a uniform,' it advocates for clothing as a powerful form of self-expression, reflecting identity and intentions.

Complete online shop redesign

The e-commerce platform serves as a comprehensive hub, integrating shopping, campaigns, look books, and the captivating essence of the brand. Simultaneously, it introduces an exclusive dimension through a tailored trousers configuration system, empowering customers to customise their choices— from selecting model, fabric, and colour to embroidering their initials on the garments. The website also acts as the gateway to the GTA Circle, a thoughtfully established community centred around shared values and interests, and offering members an array of perks and benefits, fostering a sense of camaraderie among like-minded individuals who appreciate the unique offerings of GTA.
“Our goal was to craft distinctive and original fashion worlds, each reflecting the unique personality and narratives of GTA. Leveraging the AI engine's capacity to produce diverse yet cohesive images, the campaigns showcase numerous facets of imaginary worlds, maintaining a unified aesthetic with interconnected stories.”
Carlo Soglia