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Carlo and Lukasz are the propelling force behind Emo design. One businessy and articulate, the other laconic and ingenious, are a match made in heaven as their personalities and skills complete each others creating an incredible duo made of complicity and brotherhood.
‘We started with big dreams squeezed in a small room, but we never thought of swapping the tiny town with the big metropolis. Our idea of big has always been the world: designing for international clients from our turf in the Alps.’

Lukasz Bertoli

Graduated in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano, before founding Emo design, Lukasz collaborated with Polidesign, TD studio and GP Design Partners in Vienna working for brands like Chicco, Gardesa, Lorenz, Philips, Siemens, Citroen, and Doppelmayr... you name it. He is the mind behind the swimming pool jump competition and ice lolly at 5pm tradition.

Carlo Ciciliot

With a degree in International Relationships and a Master in Organisation and Economic Development, after in-house experience in marketing departments, Carlo took the lead of Emo management in 2009 bringing on-board brands such as Philips, Samsung, Philip Morris International, De Longhi and Franke… while organising the most memorable office parties.
We are Family
We don't have 'Fun at work day', We always have fun!
First of all because we like what we do but above all because we take the time to enjoy the process, to allow events to change us, to experiment and play, to wander and slow down, to fail and start again. Ideas are fluid and need a generous environment to support their growth.