Applications for building automations
Home automation
Operating in the automation sector demands attention to two distinct user groups: the installers, who serve as the brand's primary clients, evaluating product quality in their daily tasks; and the final owners of the automation systems, who are concerned with functionality and its impact on their daily lives. In our rebranding efforts for the Able brand, we prioritized both installers and end-users, ensuring a comprehensive approach in the development of apps designed to control Able automation products. The objective was to maintain consistency in the communication drivers across these touchpoints.

“Able to install”, designed for technicians

'Able to install' serves as the exclusive management app meticulously crafted for technicians and installers alike. It offers unparalleled convenience by enabling users to effortlessly program the control unit and configure its parameters directly from their smartphones or tablets. The app operates seamlessly through the WiFi protocol and is readily available for download on both Google Store and Apple Store platforms, ensuring accessibility for a broad user base.

A digital powertool

Users can easily set all control unit parameters, load default data, read the current configuration, or retrieve a previously saved configuration. 'Able to install' goes above and beyond by providing access to the event log, offering insights into the system's performance and activities. The app simplifies the often intricate process of updating the control unit's firmware.

“Able to use”, designed for end-users

Dedicated to end users the 'Able to use' app is tailored for end-users, simplifying the management of home and building automations.With a single click, users can effortlessly check and control gates, ensuring both convenience and efficiency in their daily routines. Customization is at the core of 'Able to use,' allowing users to tailor access policies and set specific times for various users. The app provides detailed logs for monitoring usage, offering transparency and control. The process of incorporating new users and installations becomes effortless with the utilization of QR codes, enhancing the overall user-friendly experience.

Efficient and personalized experience

The app gives access to personalised scenarios, granting control on specific days and times. The WiFi module, designed for compatibility with Able digital control units, elevates connectivity options, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient, personalized, and connected management.

We worked on this project employing user-centric, cutting-edge UX design solutions applying our experience in b2b services.