Zero limits
Zero regrets
Zero rules
Dalla Corte
The specialty coffee machine for Dalla Corte merges technical attributes with distinctive design. The aesthetics enhances the multi-boiler patented technology: the independent brewing controlled by interface allows total freedom and continuity. The grille, while representing the brand’s signature, protect the user from burns. The many customisation possibilities make every coffee shop unique.

Designing for people

There’s a big difference between a machine used as a work tool and a sofa. Designing a coffee machine requires in depth knowledge of users, markets, coffees and the ability to respect – whilst cleverly bypass – the many technical constraints imposed by the technologies adopted. The first step towards Zero was a wide spread research, mainly on the field and with users to better understand both users and the scene the product was going to occupy.
The specialty coffee barista is like a chemist, he makes slow and precise movements to extract his unique coffee.
With Zero we emphasised all these actions through details like the big levers and an interface that follows the barista’s gestures and allows to always keep under control the most important specifics.

This product design project’s scope was to make the specialty coffee machine Zero the protagonist of the coffee shop.

A market success

Host 2019 in Milan was where Zero was successfully launched and soon after acclaimed worldwide. Now, it is sold in more than 50 countries and the design world recognised its value with Good Design Awards and IF Product Design Award.
“They are passionate, they enjoy the projects they are given and this joy is contagious. They are extremely professional. Their approach to projects is innovative, they push us to surpass ourselves.”
Valentina Dalla Corte
Dalla Corte