Made for the way
you live
Coffee grinder
The coffee grinder Life represents a new way of experiencing coffee at home. Tools that have always been used for professional coffee preparation are now available to a wider public of amateurs and connoisseurs. Lifestyle change had driven a growing number of people to get passionate about the world of coffee. That’s how Ceado decided to become part of their homes.

Designed with emphaty

As designers we normally approach a new market by investigating it, in this case, thanks to our established experience in the world of coffee as well as the long-lasting relationship with Ceado, we immediately empathize with the target.
Our design was conceived to satisfy this need for beauty: compact dimensions, contemporary look and trendy colours. Turquoise blue, black, white, sand or grey, allow to choose the Life that matches with your style.

Pro-features for home use

Keeping its professional features and performances was the aim of the project developed with Ceado. Making traditional expresso or grinding specialty blends for alternative methods of extraction such as French press, V60 or aeropress is a daily routine for Life. Design-wise this was possible thanks to small adjustments such as the folding fork portafilter and the possibility of replacing the traditional hopper with the single dose device by Ceado.

Special features for
coffee lovers

Coffee is not simply a drink anymore, it has become a lifestyle, a conscious approach to consumption, beyond being a consolidated trend on continuous evolution. More and more coffee lovers aim not only at good quality of their preparations, but they are also looking for visual pleasure to create the perfect coffee corner.
A matter of
functions and
The compact design, inspired by other home appliances, consists of the interface positioned in the front, where the hole outlet for ground coffee sits and the central knob for adapting it to a wide variety of filter holders. The knob for the regulation of grinding is instead positioned on the side for ease of use and ergonomics, everything is then wrapped by a painted sheet metal body that recalls the professional origin.