Rebranding for
40 yrs of passion
for sports
Sports equipment
Artisport is an independent family run Italian company manufacturing sports equipment. To celebrate their 40 years business birthday a revamp of their visual identity and rethinking of the way they communicate what they do and how, was much craved and carried forward.
We worked before for Artisport, designing some of their most cutting edge and contemporary basketball facilities, therefore we knew the potential that awaited to be unleashed.

Exploring while
having fun

Workshop results gave us a clear picture of what needed to be communicated: sport is fun, far before being competitive. And for the big Artisport family it has also been a long-lasting passion.
As they accompany their client from brief to completion with enthusiasm and warmth, sharing their experience and technical knowledge.

Yellow, cyan and a renewed,
more vivacious, corporate blue

Colours had to become more vibrant and logo needed to evolve without changing and take – as the main image – centre stage. All the set conveying the energy athletes put in what they do, mentally and physically.
Yellow, cyan and a renewed, more vivacious, corporate blue overlap with other strong colours – different for every occasion – to create action and a constant shift for the eye.

‘Your fun is our passion’

'Your fun s our passion' is the chosen slogan, evolving across the various disciplines – part of the company portfolio – to become: basket is our passion, football is our passion, gymnastics is our passion and so on.

Consistency for all
communication tools

The communication tools much needed for the business have been developed, all characterised by a consistent message and above all ease of use. Great care and research have been infused in helping the clients find what they need in the fastest and most intuitive way.
With the same spirit instruction manuals have been designed, because some facilities need of course mounting.
From company profile to website through the huge products catalogue, Artisport appears reborn and finally true to its essence and the nature of the people working to make it greater every day.