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Home Automation
Able, the new born in the realm of professional automation systems, inherits the legacy of V2 Group's goodwill. With over 38 years of success, V2 has been a global leader in innovative automation solutions, spanning residential and commercial applications across 100 countries.From gate and door automation to road barriers, sun shading solutions, and home management systems, V2, member of the Nice Group, is rebranded as Able.

A name that encapsulates the company’s spirit.

The rebranding project started with the naming phase and extended across various channels and communication platforms."Able," as an English adjective, signifies possessing ample power, skill, or resources to accomplish tasks, along with the freedom or opportunity to do so.This versatile term also functions as an adjective suffix. Both applications provide the company with significant opportunities and flexibility in crafting compelling claims and messages.

A fresh take on brand statement and values.

Embarking on a fresh start while staying attuned to target audience and buyer personas, the introduction of the new name and logo was complemented by mission statement and values, aimed to position the company appropriately.A comprehensive brand book was created, unveiling the underlying principles and visual choices. The carefully selected colours were designed to be unique in the sector, whilst aligning with contemporary aesthetics and ensuring a visually appealing presence on products.

Communication has been conveyed through various channels and tools.

An original imagery set has been created, complemented by a comprehensive catalogue, engaging brochures, a dynamic website, apps for installers and end-users and social media strategy.

International debut

Able made its debut at R+T 2024 in Stuttgart, the premier expo for roller shutters, gates, and sun protection systems worldwide. Our inaugural Able stand not only showcased new and redesigned products but also unveiled the brand's new identity, its positioning, and provided insights into the rebranding process.