Making great
coffee with Icon
Dalla Corte
The coffee machine Icon was introduced by Dalla Corte to provide quality standards in the coffee market and serve excellent and consistent coffee, supplying shops or chains and allowing them to give a strong personality to their interior design.

Designed for high quality baristas

Dalla Corte products are dedicated to specialty coffee, but coffee lovers represent a very small niche compared to the wide number of people drinking coffee all over the world.
While Zero was designed to satisfy the most demanding of coffee enthusiasts, the Icon was ideated for a wider target group who just love great coffee.

Designed for

It has been conceived for the market, where a lot of people enter the coffee shops during the day and where quality is as important as quantity.
These places - chains or coffee shops - are normally directed by bar managers and the person who makes coffee is not the same during the day, so it becomes necessary to quickly extract the same quality of coffee over time.
That’s why Icon is a coffee machine whose technical features and settings promise an excellent and consistent espresso.

Easy to use

It's been designed for a user that makes very quick movements, many times, without thinking about his actions. The six buttons set different types of coffee extractions for each group and a user interface allows the bar manager to set and control the machine, while the OCS technology by Dalla Corte allows to manage many machines and use the same settings in different coffee shops.
"Working with Emo design is absolutely inspiring! They deeply understand the company, respect its value and bring design ideas that open new horizons. "
Valentina Dalla Corte
Dalla Corte