The perfect
companion to
Keyline machines.
Key duplicator
Keyline is an Italian company manufacturing and selling professional duplicating keys machines. Abandoned the display incorporated in the machine and first app developed considered too complicated, we have been called in to create a faster, easy to understand and use new app to operate the cutting machines.

Brief was clear:
simple but recognisable.

We worked before for Keyline by restyling their electronic key cutting machines. Knowing their tools already, gave us the opportunity to focus on users and their needs. First step towards the user was the company decision– as machines are portable – to pair them with an app working on both smart phones and tablets.

Speed is key!

All the user wants is find the right key as fast as possibile. The database behind the app is huge, containing thousand of different references, brands and models to pick from. Accessing this wealth of information quickly was of paramount importance.
Identified the most searched items, we displayed the companies’ logos in the home page, a short cut trick that proved to save a lot of time.

It’s a powerful tool for
advanced users.

Once you’ve found what you were looking for you also have a series of very pro controls: from editing the cutting pattern to coding the new key, made easy by a change of direction in wording each single command.

Long term performance
are garanteed

As precision is even more important than speed, machines need to be calibrated to guarantee a perfect job. The app does that too, incorporating tutorials and step by step video that allow – even first time users – to go through the process easily.

Through several
user test sessions
and visits to clients’

we had the opportunity to appreciate the speed required to duplicate a key. When one has a queue in the shop waiting to be served, things have to be done properly but very fast. That’s why the internal search engine had to be optimised.

Strong relationships
lead to good results.

Over the last years we worked closely on multiple projects, combining our Product and UX Design skills to set new industry standards.
Everything is an opportunity to increment brand awareness and this dedicated app used everyday by all Keyline clients was without doubt the best channel the company could choose to communicate, that’s why we made sure its look was unique and highly recognisable.

In this UX design project, the app we conceived becomes the only human-machine interface the user needs.