Smart heating
management app
Home heating
Sybil, designed for the green energy supplier Alperia, is an app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to program comfort in the house. It allows to manage domestic heating, analyse consumption, emissions and compare them with those of the neighboorhood. It also works for more than one house.
Alperia wants to change his positioning from energy supplier to home comfort integrated solutions provider by offering a full set of useful services to customers.

Energy saving and costs monitoring can be a burden for the majority of people. We aimed to turn such an unpleasant task into a positive experience.

After analysing the market through competitive research, we moderated workshops with company managers to better identify target users and needs. As a result a wireframe was developed focusing on two main aspects: easy registration process and straightforward pairing. Then user interviews began to test what had be designed and further improve it.

First UX, then UI.

After each iteration and user test, a new wireframe was released, until we got to Sybil final version, now on its way to be published. A thorough work was done to understand the type of data to be shown and the best way to visualise the wealth of information the user is provided with. Beyond the basic functions available in the free version, the app comes with on-line payment services, pre-set scenarios, multi-home and multi-users management.

Consistency and interaction simplicity


Conveying information in a
empathic way

Sybil takes the user in a simple, empathic and very straightforward way through the delicate journey of learning how to manage energy consumption. Words used, choice of typeface, colours, graphic visualisations and illustrations, contribute to literally relax the user while getting to analyse costs and emissions or managing heating system optimisation and temperature in the house.

In this UX design project, we defined how to interact with the Alperia brand through the user interface of the Sybil app.