A tool to solve
Key duplication
Duplicating keys on-the-go is of paramount importance for key duplication specialists working in a fast-paced environment. Keyline created this new tool to provide them with a quick solution in difficult situations. Making it functional and easy to use was the aim of our project.

A design challenge

Designing a duplicating machine might seem just a ‘take care of constrains’ task, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Messenger not only revolutionizes the work of specialists but also allows them to offer quick and just-in-time services to their customers.

Perfomance, safety
and  freedom

Proudly manufactured in Italy by Keyline, this portable key-cutting machine for edge, laser, and dimple keys features simple and minimal look, giving the technical tool the feeling of essentiality that reflects the simplicity in using the machine. The transparent shell allows the user to see the duplication process; the bottom tray catches shavings while protecting the user and a tool tray makes storage effortless.

Working everywhere

Such a device needs to be very light to be carried around and easy to activate. Lightweight was possible by merging plastic, steel and aluminum reaching the result of only 10 kg. Easy transportation was achieved thanks to the handle, while easy activation was possible thanks to battery power or electricity, helping the specialist to use it in the shop or outside it.
Helping the user is never enough.The machine is controlled with the user-friendly KDT App, which was developed to code, decode, and copy keys.