Our first best seller
Toba – the first pellet stove to win the iF Design Award – has been a turning point not only for MCZ, but for the entire sector. For the first time the pellet stove is no longer merely a functional object and becomes a furnishing item.' We couldn’t have chosen better words than those picked by MCZ, the Italian company leader in the heating experience sector, to describe Toba and the aim of the design project.

iF Product Design Award 2011

For the 2011 edition of iF Design Award, the jury panel sorted through 2,756 projects by 1,121 participants from 43 different countries. Toba stood out from the rest for its ‘green’ characteristics (90% of product recyclability), for the absence of front air outlets and for the innovative look.

A new kind of pellet

Toba features a large ceramic surface embracing the combustion chamber and framing fire making it the hero. With Toba the pellet stove has undergone a big revolution, which affected not only the company but the entire market.
The stove is no longer just a tool to generate heat, but becomes a furnishing element, like a sofa, a table or a chair, an object enhancing the appeal of a place and communicating choices and personality of the owners.

A project that
means a lot for us

Last but not least, Toba represents for us a piece of studio history. It was our first project under the name of Emo design. The idea came to mind during a blooming spring morning in Vienna where Lukasz was working at the time and was presented to MCZ end of 2008. One year later Toba was launched.
“I must acknowledge EMO has a great knack for listening to the company and to the end customer. If the collaboration continued through all these years, it is because we have always appreciated their balance, the ability not to let design prevail over function, at the same time without shying away from great leaps in the concept and character of the products.”
Andrea Brosolo