Thinking big on small stoves
Cute and Thema are the tiny but powerful pellet stoves we designed for MCZ fulfilling a market need for reduced size and installation with existing flue pipe. In the northern markets they’ve always existed, placed in dismissed fireplaces as a not-too-much-modern upgrade.
Traditional fireplaces have become increasingly obsolete due to lifestyle changing energy saving culture. With 90% performance level for a stove against the 30% of an open fireplace, these architectural elements representative of past traditions and cultures slowly disappear.

A good reason to be small

Stoves have often been placed in disused fireplaces, they used to be tiny, made of cast iron and fueled with wood. The idea was to keep the flavour of this traditional element – in terms of look – to wrap a state of the art pellet stove with its sealed structure, intelligent combustion management and double Wi-Fi.
Our take on how to reimagine the tradition


Characterised by black painted steel cladding and cast iron door, Cute sports a no frills industrial look that complements discreetly any interior design project.


Thema is fitted with a black painted steel coating and the grid in the front can be customised by choosing between black or white ceramic as well as Serpentino stone.
Those who preferred these stoves for their places mention two important features: the quietness and the flame.
Those who preferred these stoves for their places mention two important features: the quietness, as both Cute and Thema can heat without ventilation, and the pleasure of the flame, that is the focus of all our projects in this sector and has become our signature.
We know far too well the power of the flame to transform the atmosphere by providing literal and figurative warmth, great sense of home and coziness.