Decoration down to the
MCZ / Sergio Leoni
Maria Costanza and Regina are the epitomy of the future that comes from the past. Two pellet stoves – part of Sergio Leoni new collection ­– we designed keeping in mind this great brand legacy plus today design trends. Decoration has been stripped down to the essence, the result is a timeless classic heating flawlessly and furnishing every interior.
The collaboration with Sergio Leoni was born from the long and profitable partnership between our studio and MCZ Group. The brand was acquired by the group in 2012.

Understanding our client DNA

The long tradition of Sergio Leoni handmade ceramic stoves dates back to 1961, their original design sets them apart from any other product on the market as these stoves are not designed to be on a wall like Nordic 'Stube', but freestanding on the floor.

Back to basics

Maria Costanza and Regina are artistic handcrafted stoves, with ceramic cladding still handmade, produced with traditional methods, using natural materials and elements: clay, water and fire.
Our task was to reinterpret the transalpine design style – keeping memory and creativity of the master founder in mind – with a contemporary twist able to bring back the root of tradition through a minimalistic approach.

Respect to the

Maria Costanza and Regina soul lays in the cladding design. It comes in eight polished and two matt colours. For the basic colours – white, ivory and cella – a special finish has also been developed: the craquelure, obtained through a process highlighting the natural ceramic cracks and giving the stove an attractive retro look.
“I do hope that my father’s original and creative spirit, which he injected into all his designs, is never lost. These are not consumer goods, they are niche products and therefore have unique, valuable and quality features. This is our distinctive feature, which ought to be preserved and enhanced, and certainly not distorted for commercial purposes. We have to keep making just few perfect pieces, tailored to our customers’ needs: this is the only way we can compete with others.”
Matteo Leoni
Sergio Leoni