Style meets
RED15 is a first-level competition basketball facility conceived for Italian company Artisport. With its majestic and sculptural structure, it combines design and performance while playing the protagonist role in the basketball court.  Powered by an electric oleodynamic system, it moves in three positions: basket, mini-basket and closed.

Hands on. Always.

Designing a hoop means understanding every single movement of the basketball player as well as the people who have to install it. That’s why we made a deep jump into the basketball world, respecting – of course – the many regulatory requirements for admission in high-level competitions.

Developed through play

Research and many construction trials with LEGO bricks have been carried on to understand how to integrate the movements within a single-arm structure.
The result is a monolithic arm concealing mechanical complexity and yet accomplishing a sculptural look.
Safefy first
Integrated safety padding surrounds the entire base, hiding the door to access the command panel. Robust wheels allow to easily move it away when not used anymore.

An industrial design project for a basketball facility realised with both performance and manufacturing process in mind.

The state of the art

RED15 is now installed during the most important basketball championships worldwide, because it received 1st and 2nd level FIBA certifications. It was launched during the international fair FISB 2015 where it received the market players’ applause. After more than five years it still represents the state-of-art in the basketball facilities sector but most of all professionals and kids have a lot of fun with it.
“Young and professionals are having fun thank to RED15 all over the world. We can’t be prouder.”
Karin Amadio
CEO Artisport