Responsible, Trasparent, Sustainable


Friul intagli
Established in 1968, Friul Intagli is a leading Italian family business with more than 50 years of expertise. Specialising in custom-designed kit components and furniture, the company is a global leader in development, industrialisation, and manufacturing. We curated and designed the Friul Intagli's 2022 sustainability report, titled 'Responsible, Transparent, Sustainable.'
The term 'Responsible' reflects the company's dedication to making informed choices in the environmental and social realms. The term 'Transparent' signifies their dedication to articulating intentions, commitments, and initiatives clearly. This underscores their belief that authenticity and transparency are crucial for building trust with all stakeholders.Lastly, the term 'Sustainable' underscores their development plan's goal to meet current demands without jeopardising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs.
The X-Ray photo of a poppy has been selected for the cover to symbolise the company's aspiration to delve beyond surface impressions and illuminate the essence of their work. The report comprehensively illustrates their dedication to sustainability, providing all necessary insights.
The report is organised into seven chapters, preceded by the letter addressed to stakeholders. Elevating the reader's engagement, each chapter commences with an opener spread with photographs encapsulating the dynamic facets of company life. The strategic application of color-coding within the chapters serves a dual purpose: enhancing visual appeal and creating a visual language that communicates the sequential order.
Infographics, diagrams, tables, and icons have been designed to work seamlessly together, creating a cohesive visual language throughout the report. Each element serves a distinct purpose, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal whilst contributing to the book's unique identity. The intentional synergy among the visual elements ensures a unified and engaging reading experience, because information is not simply presented but also visually reinforced, making the content more accessible and memorable for the readers.