Making the torch iconic
Turny is a portable and rechargeable table LED lamp we designed for Fabbian. Conceived for the contract sector, it easily adapts to different environments such as hotels, restaurants and bars because it can be moved from one table to another, but it also suits homes where it can be used outdoor or as a night lamp.

Simple interaction

Lamps are not normally designed to interact with, except for switching them on and off. Turny shape, inspired by torches, invites the user to explore, touch and turn. The interaction is very simple: on/off or dimming can be through the button on the top.

Materials make the difference

Lamps on restaurants or bars table can fall, break or get stained. Not Turny. the PMMA diffuser and ABS body are both resistant to shocks and can be easily cleaned.

Stylish accessory

Turny is a furnishing accessory that gives a stylish touch to any space. It comes in different colours such as white, anthracite gray, sand beige, grass green, purple red, Amalfi blue or antique pink.

Supporting Fabbian strategy

Turny was launched right after the Fabbian change of ownership and – although the field of interior lighting was an uncharted territory for our studio – we accepted the challenge with interest and enthusiasm supporting to the company’s recovery plan.