Lighting up
Kitchen appliances

The Circle.Tech patented
technology by Falmec

The technology was already on the market, but the company upgraded it by reducing its dimensions and giving the engine a new horizontally developed shape.Introducing new decorative hoods was not only a natural interpretation of the hood outline, but also a market positioning request for the company.

The exploration phase of this cooker hood product design project ended with three solutions: Dama, Sophie and Loop.

The elegance of

Dama is like a big flower whose metal sheet petals overlap, resulting in a thin and elegant shape. The hood is crowned by a ring of LED light that emphasizes its figure.

Feminine shapes
of Sophie

Sophie is born from an explorative, philosophical and sensual approach. Its geometry derives from the interpretation of a feminine body. The absolute elegance and the strong seduction of the woman’s hips are transferred into the product through a message composed of geometries and proportions. This iconic shape also helped Falmec to put a foot in the market of interiors lighting.

Throw back to
60s with Loop

Loop is inspired by the 60s and the lunar and nonconformist style which characterises them. Beyond the shape, the choice of materials and finishes – white, gunmetal, stainless steel –underline its vintage soul, while the decorative LED light gives it a modern appeal.
Decorative objects are typically making the difference because of their finishes and colours.
A full range of
In-depth research on interior design trends and materials, helped us to suggest Falmec the most iconic and choose finishes such as painted steel, worn copper, white, worn brass, anthracite, pewter, and gunmetal.
“It is a rare thing to have the opportunity and the pleasure of working with great professionals, full of ideas, open to the world, ambitious but concrete and always down-to-earth. ”
Lorenzo Poser
Marketing Manager - Falmec