Big bathing
experience: I mini

Big bathing
experience: I mini
Bathroom design
Making a great bathroom is not a matter of space, good ideas and products are more important. That’s why we’ve designed ‘I mini’: to transform a small room into a big bathing experience.
The new collection of mini washbasins conceived for Scarabeo Ceramiche is composed of three series: Hung, Cube and Soft.

Cube: functionality and dimension.

The Cube series literally looks like a ceramic cube has been suspended on the wall. The washbasin reveals a distinct aesthetic dimension without renouncing to functionality and – regardless of its compact size – hand washing is eased by the rather large bowl depth.

Hung: everything
is handy.

The Hung series is characterised by rectangular shape, depth is limited to 22 cm on all models whilst coming in three different lengths: 40 – 50 – 60 cm and 9 cm in height.‎Hung main structure also incorporates a towel rail, ensuring everything is within easy reach in an extremely small space.‎

The series Hung won the iF Product Design Award in 2017.

Soft: rigorous
and essential.

The Soft series features the Scarabeo’s expertise in ceramics processing, achieving a high level of definition here. The sharp and thin edge opposes the smooth rounded tank , characterised by soft lines to accompany the water in its flow.
Whilst tiny spaces are part of culture and architecture of many parts of the world, when we had the idea for the Mini collection, the bathroom world didn’t seem to be aware of the need for smaller components.
We thought that the market gap would have been interesting and we were right.

The beauty of
tiny spaces.

The Mini success opened the door to the development of a series of accessories to go with them, to furnish and celebrate the beauty of tiny spaces. We called them Fold.

Fold: smart and

Fold is a smart, extremely functional furnishing system designed to complement Cube, Soft and Hung washbasins. Metal sheets fold into different shapes to contain or support everything is needed in the bathroom, making an impression at the same time.
We have to say thank Scarabeo for trusting our intuition. Small spaces needed big ideas.