Dynamic like
the water flow
Scarabeo Ceramiche
Bathroom design
Fuji is the first washbasin we designed for Italian company Scarabeo Ceramiche. As a product, it has been both the starting point of a fruitful collaboration and the beginning of a design revolution. The washbasin as we knew it, with Fuji, is gone, to be replaced with an object that is functional but smooth.

Inspired by Japanese
cult of water

Inspired by Japanese cult of water and longing for calm and essential environments, Fuji embodies great technique in working ceramic through its effortless presence.

With its strong personality,
shaped in a relaxed and
understated way

Fuji and the collection of complements that accompany it, furnishes the bathroom making it look essential and indulgent at the same time.

Recognizable signature

The drain is hidden and yet emphasized by an over size ceramic cover that represents a recognizable signature.

Versatility for every

The range features different sizes as well as both a square and rectangular shapes, which give the basins the versatility to be included in a variety of bathroom configurations.
“Inspiring, creative and concrete. EMO have shared these characteristics with us, which have been instrumental in achieving satisfying results in both aesthetic and functional terms. The projects realised with them have demonstrated competence and intuition in exploring innovative paths that have resulted in original, practical and effective solutions for our business.”
Giampaolo Calisti
Scarabeo Ceramiche