The first Made in Italy e-bike
Electric mobility
Designing the first e-bike for Askoll-EVA, the new electric mobility products manufacturer was quite challenging. Finding the right path would have been the key. Focusing on user experience, functionality and details was the solution. EB1 revises the classical electrical vehicle by repositioning the battery and hiding technical details.

By targeting details, eB1 stood out.

By conducting competitors’ research and analysing e-bikes users and their customisations, we understood what direction had to be taken. As designers, we are willing to give many options to companies, the outcome is a partial overview of what we conceived during the concept phase: every single component has been designed.

Designed around the battery

The design revolves around the battery positioned in the front, where people are more likely to carry their stuff, ensuring an easy way of riding. The handlebar integrated interface allows to keep track of trip information; the automatic transmission has been mounted on the wheel hub and the security system is integrated into the seat post.
The inverted lever brakes that, beyond easing the gesture of stopping, helps hiding the wire of the stopping system, keeping aesthetics intact.

Simplicity carried to extreme

Beyond the essential design, the e-bike eB1 offers high technology, the battery is equipped with four assistance modes and it can be removed and recharged in any electrical plug.
Every customer can choose its favourite colour combination.

Bags customisation

Leaving the user, the choice of installing his choice of accessories is never a good idea, if you want the product to be always recongnisable. So, bags were designed and branded with the Askoll mark too.
eB1 was the first e-bike sold in Askoll flagship stores around Italy and is still on the market. You might see it around Italian cities.