Soft Ceramic

The bathroom market is evolving continuously. In recent years, the introduction of new materials has overturned the way of thinking to the bathroom, offering new solutions ...more



Dressed technology

LAM is a pellet stove with an archetypal and iconic shape that recalls of old cast iron wooden stoves. LAM is an elegant design object characterized by the essentiality of its architecture which is in contrast with ...more


Wiper Premium

Sharp technology

The electric lawnmowers Wiper Premium are characterized by a minimal design that emphasises the technical grooves necessary for impacts absorption and for correct transmission of collisions to the ...more

Drop - Rosa

Drop and Flexi

Fascinating aluminium

The urban lighting lamps Drop and Flexi incorporate an iconic design. Drop, the most classic within them, is characterised by the sinuous sign of ...more

One - MCZ


Fire it up

Emo design presents a real revolution for the barbecue market, produced by Sunday Grill. The new line of fixed barbecues One, thanks to the patented system ...more

Kult - Kblue


Design for simplicity

The collection Kult is a new range of user interfaces and web applications for the control of homes featuring stunning design and ...more

Energy - Jacuzzi


The essence of wellness

Energy is the perfect synthesis within equilibrium in shape and functionality, comfort and ergonomics combined with a minimalist and evergreen ...more

Tube - MCZ


Magic heating

Tube is a rounded minimal pellet stove that conceals his functional complexity by hiding the air vents and by replacing them with a tiny slit that runs through ...more

Zephiro - Falmec


Technology meets elegance

Zephiro carries the name of a soft gentle wind. Neat and fine, it is characterized by the contrast within the sinuous glass body and the strict technology of its filtering ...more

Hug - Elite


Born to make you smile

Handcrafted and characterized by the use of irregular and worn pieces of wood, this stool captures and amazes. The colourful rope detail, in contrast with the natural main body, allows to ...more

Pure - Askoll


Easy and contemporary aquariums

Askoll Pure offers an easy solution to own an aquarium without being a passionate aquariologist. The maintenance is very easy even for inexperienced users thanks to the filtration system positioned ...more

Veld - MCZ


Rethink the classic

The wood stove market today is characterized by a remarkable maturity, both in the aesthetic research and in the functionality of the product. Many brands, especially from northern Europe, have led this market over time, suggesting product languages focused on cold and ...more

Snap - Telcoma


Born to be noticed

During the product development phase, it is often necessary to reach a compromise between the "ideal" design solution, that comes from the hand of the designer, and the limits dictated by ...more

Tool+Blade - MCZ


Seductive character

Tool and Blade represents MCZ style in the world of fireplace accessories. Their pure shape and obsessive attention to detail and contrast between modern and tradition are synonymous with clean design, aligned with current trends ...more

Ego - Del Ben


Giving shape to a ritual

Food is about rituals. If we think about the beauty of a composition, a dish of sushi for instance, our minds are immediately projected to the way it has been prepared. A Japanese chef ...more

Edge Multi - Telcoma

Edge Multi

The maximum with the minimum

After the successful financial performances of Edge (the 4 channel remote control for home automations designed by Emo design), Telcoma asked us to redesign the old multichannel remote control. The outcome is an unexpected mix of ...more


Enjoy the water

Beyond the shape

Corian is a material that in recent years has reached a wide use in the furniture industry and particularly in the bathroom. The performance and aesthetic ...more

Panorama MCZ


The success of the Pellet Stove, as a new heating system, began just in the last few years; the current economic situation pushed ...more

Panorama MCZ


The development of the pellet stove in horizontal wasn’t a new concept for MCZ. Emo design is renovating these products with a new language and new valors of “MCZ living” brand. ...more

Paretine doccia by Jacuzzi


Design and wellness for the body

Synthesize the contemporary brand Jacuzzi with its historical values represented the biggest challenge of ...more

Leaf & Flower - PLUST


Nature becames fashion

PLUST Collection presents its forth collection inspired by nature at the Salone del Mobile 2010. A series of ...more

Scenario MCZ


Home chimney revolution

Since fire has been discovered it had a main role in people's life. Later on the television arrived and the center of a house became the screen. Nowadays a fireplace is more an emotional experience than a functional need. ...more

Telcoma Edge


Revolution of a brand

Telcoma Automations was incorporated in 1972 with a clearly defined mission: to become the leading player in the fi eld of design and production of control systems for the access automation sector. Since the company’s foundation, this aim has been pursued by designing ...more

Prestige Falmec


Harmony of light

Nowadays the company feels the need to communicate in the best way the own history and the incredible experience gained, in over twenty-five years, through the ...more



Evening suit for knives

Del Ben is a successful and prestigious name in the field of knives, a leading brand for premium cutting tools, a name that recalls top quality, style and decades of Italian handcraft tradition flourished in the famous district of cutlery located in Maniago. ...more

orologio 75 Lorenz


The perfect product to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Lorenz

Seventy-five is a watch from the great strength and a sign-logical reason for being, the result of careful research about values and evocative elements that characterized the era of the founding of Lorenz in the 30's ...more

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