/ 2014
Treviso - Italy
The Wiper lawnmower, designed for NIKO, is characterized by a minimal design that emphasises the technical grooves necessary for impacts absorption and for correct transmission of impacts to the sensors. The double shell volumes, emphasised by the double colour inspired by the automotive market, play as a distinctive element integrating the technical to the aesthetical function of the product. Equipped with impact sensors, thanks to the extension of the shell sides and to the stress on warning signs, the Wiper Premium machines ensure absolute safety. The new graphic interfaces designed by Emo design, favour aesthetical coherence while aiding the programming for the installer through an extremely intuitive system.
Wiper is a start-up with a consolidated experience in the gardening market. The company focuses are Northern European markets where the culture for outside living is well established due to the short summers. Therefore this product needed to embody a non-robotic design language that could coexist with those places houses. The Wiper’s lawnmowers embed Zucchetti Robotica technology that means know-how and strength; indeed Wiper takes care for the development of the shell and for the distribution, so they asked us to help them with innovative design solutions. The constraints given not only by the engine dimensions but also by the shell thermoforming that do not allow high definition details, directed us to work on colours and functional details in order to reach a solution that could offer further customisation.
Designing better functions