/ 2023
When we began the collaboration with Franke, designing for the coffee industry seemed to be our daily job. Coffee lovers had nothing more to hide from us, but we had never designed an automatic coffee machine before. Mytico is inspired by the specialty coffee world and brings to life solutions that go beyond industry standards.

Good products don’t come out of the hat like magic, when designers and companies’ R&D speak the same language, the result is amazing. It happened with Franke.

Mytico is not a traditional espresso maker, it’s a fully automatic machine conceived to enter the coffee industry and supply the market and unlocks more potential to reach new customers. Automatic coffee machines are usually very simple, their function comes before aesthetics. In this case the design has been inspired by the specialty coffee world; aestethic standards are redefined through iconic rounded shapes, whilst details are emphasized as if it were a piece of furniture.

The machine is wrapped with lateral and side metal panels that can be customized, allowing it to feel at ease in different environments from coffee chains to restaurants and hotels. The visible screws convey reliability and quality while supporting the front panel featuring metalized opaque finish. Tray and hopper are integrated with the machine silhouette to keep its smooth lines. The brewing units and long steam wands give it character, recalling the specialty coffee machines.
Mytico is going to be presented in two different versions. The first one is Mytico Due, a typical two steps machine with two coffee modules and a hot water steam module in between, it has a capacity of a recommended 300 cups per day. Preparation of milk can be done with the two steam wands – S1 for traditional steaming and S3 for automated steaming – and the separate outlet for water in the right temperature increases the variety of hot beverages. The second one, Mytico Vario, is an upgraded model with a recommended capacity of 360 cups per day. It’s a fully automatic machine with a separated milk system, where different milk types can be stored. It comes with one or two steam wands – S1 for traditional steaming and S3 for automated steaming – and it also features an additional powder dosing unit for chocolate, tea or matcha powder.
The Mytico machines are equipped with an intuitive touch screen, but the settings can also be controlled with up to five programmable Barista Levers for direct access to the most-frequently used beverages or features. This enables an easy preparation of up to four types of coffees with or without milk at once. The Franke CleanMaster system helps to keep the coffee machines immaculate and descaling is rapid and efficient.

Mytico requires very little training to create customer favourites in high quality.
Its launch was supported by a powerful communication campaign, featuring us as actors in a video. It was presented for the first time at Internorga in Hamburg in 2023. Numbers are still on-the-go to be counted, but it received many compliments from business operators.
An extraordinary coffee machine