/ 2022
Treviso - Italy
SPX328 is a mini-crane for rental purposes designed for Jekko. Its design enhances the pro characteristics while using smooth lines to reassure the non-expert user. The easy-to-use radio control allows to move it with simple gestures while being guided by a user interface that works as a step-by-step guide. In addition, a complete range of accessories and components, positioned in integrated and easily accessible drawers, are always available to the user wherever he goes.
The building and construction market is various and diversified. Contractors and builders are not normally equipped with all the machinery they need on site, so they use rental services. This is how and where SPX328 will be used. It’s the first mini-crane that incorporates the performance characteristics granted by the company established technological know-how, this time applied to a machine dedicated to unexpert operators.
Our goal was to develop a new product design language for rental machines, by making it different from Jekko existing range and by simplifying the complicated functions of a pro machine. SPX328 was conceived after in-depth market research and several co-design workshops with company managers and technicians. Thanks to our involvement since the beginning of the project, it was possible not only to strategically help the company positioning in the market but also developing a complete product user experience.
SPX328 radio control has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. The new buttons sequence, together with a picture describing the function of every icon, helps the user to operate the machine, while the joystick gives him support for activating up and down and turn the crane arm. In order to minimize risks we designed simple intuitive controls and an on-board always visible user step-by-step guide.
The different screens allow to visualize the machine operations (moving, stabilising, working, recharging), carry on machine diagnosis for repairing or malfunctioning and access to advanced functions such as virtual wall positioning to stop the machine while working in specific positions.
SPX328 will be officially launched at Bauma 2022 in Munich, we expect it to become a benchmark for the market, consolidating Jekko’s reputation.
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