/ 2021
Venezia - Italy
Life is a coffee grinder for home use that embodies the principal features of a professional coffee grinder.
Its compact dimensions, contemporary design and choice of colors make Life perfect for giving the possibility for coffee lovers to prepare their coffee at home like at the coffee bar.
The compact design consists of the interface positioned in the front, where also stay the hole outlet for ground coffee and the central knob for adapting it to a wide variety of filter holders.
The knob for the regulation of grinding is instead positioned on the side for ease of use and ergonomics, everything is then wrapped by a painted sheet metal body which recalls its professional origin.
This machine not only allows to prepare the traditional espresso, but also to grind specialty blends for alternative methods of extraction as the French press, V60 or aeropress. This is all thanks to some small adjustments such as the folding fork portafilter and the possibility of replacing the traditional hopper with the single dose device by Ceado.
Life is a new way of living the coffee corner at home.
The coffee grinder, until now, has been mostly used during the professional preparation but the changing of lifestyle (accelerated by the pandemic situation) had driven a growing number of people to have an increased awareness about coffee as an experience.
Coffee is not only a drink anymore but it has become a lifestyle, a conscious approach to consumption, beyond being a consolidated trend on continuous evolution.
More and more Coffee Lovers are aiming not only for good quality of their preparations, but they are also looking for “beautiful to show” products in order to create the perfect coffee corner, having the need of feeling like a barista, also in their style.

The desire of Ceado for producing a home coffee grinder with the main features of a professional one but that could adapt to private spaces, was born from this evolution of the market.
The experience gained during these years in the world of coffee equipment enabled Emo design team to better interpret the request of the company.
The many researches conducted inside coffee shops and with home baristas, as well as the possibility of personally living the experience of preparing coffee everyday, enabled us to better analyze and understand the market, to empathize with the target and to personally know the places where the product gets positioned. That’s how we designed a “must have” product for real coffee lovers’ homes.

Life was firstly presented at Casa Lago Milano, on the occasion of the “Salone del Mobile 2021”.
Exploring a new niche