C1 Boosted


/ 2020
The C1 electric scooter represents the state of the art of production of the Chinese giant TAILG, a company strongly rooted in the Chinese market with the desire to also approach the European one. TAILG has always been focused on the creation of functional, practical and affordable products, for large cities where the two-wheeled motorcycle is still the preferred means of transport. The development of major cities such as Shanghai and Shenzen has pushed TAILG towards the development and production of more “European” products with more attention to design and details, with the aim of reaching new targets and being more attractive for oversea markets. This is how C1 boosted was born, an electric scooter with clean lines and a strong personality given by the front and back design, with an original LED lighting and a rounded profile but with straight lines. A wide range of colours and accessories available make it extremely versatile and suitable for a younger and more contemporary target.
This project has allowed us to learn more about the Chinese urban transport market and its huge potential. In less modern but highly populated large cities, the electric scooter is often the only means of transport for families as well as for individuals. A research trip to the heart of the country through cities such as Tientsin and Jinan allowed us to really experience this market, to interact with dealers and daily users as well as to observe the methods of use and to personally test the products. Start-ups like NIU are profoundly changing the market context, which is rapidly evolving towards a more modern and technological style and which is forcing traditional players to become real brands if they want to keep up.
Redesign a bestseller