/ 2012
Pordenone - Italy
The whirlpool bath Energy, designed for Jacuzzi, is born from the will of the company to launch in the market a democratic product, thought for young people and for wellness passionates. It is a balanced synthesis within functionality, comfort and internal ergonomics combined with a silent design that enhances Jacuzzi’s technological capabilities while maintaining performance standards. The integrated touch control panel, based on a smart research, permits to activate the preferred function with a simple touch.
We started our project with a simple thought: water is comfort! So, we gave shape to the tub by assuring the internal comfort for the user. We enhanced the edgy lines not only to make it more dynamic and likable for young people, but also because the edge aids the jets to correctly direct the water to the most important circulation points of the human body, as for Jacuzzi’s wellness standards. Our work was also directed to introduce a small innovation into the machine, so we suggested Jacuzzi to exchange the old control system with a capacitive system integrated into the body of the machine with a very simple and intuitive user experience. Later on we designed the new Jacuzzi’s water jets that together with the new control system where applied to the whole Jacuzzi new range of whirlpool bathtub.
A dynamic solution
for young people