Smart Comp


/ 2020
Rome - Italy
Acea Smart Comp, designed by Acea in collaboration with the University of Tuscia, is an accelerator of the aerobic process that breaks down the organic substance. The turning process takes place thanks to a technology based on high-precision sensors and a tracking dashboard, integrated with Business Intelligence. The weight of the high quality compost produced is reduced and naturally sanitized ready to be used as fertilizer.


A unique opportunity to improve the organic waste management chain, with a very simple principle: the individual user deals with the treatment of their own waste to produce compost. With this paradigm, the Acea Group introduces new approaches to organic waste management, starting the “transition” from large plants to a widespread composting project for the managemet of organic waste.
Our design approach stems from the needs and activities required by ACEA, so we worked not only on the product, but we have focused also on the user experience and product design aspects with a highly user-centric approach. This approach puts the user first by involving them throughout the project development process, from the initial phase to the final prototype. A collaboration of strong empathy has been created thanks to the work of our team of designers and researchers.

The workshop sessions and co-design activities allowed us to align our working group with the objectives of the project and to involve the stakeholders within the Acea Group in the development process of the SmartComp project.
The Waste Management sector is undergoing a strong change due to the great attention paid to some trends that are changing the business dynamics. Among the most significant are certainly the evolution towards an increasingly widespread model: the user becomes a producer and consumer (circular economy) and the use of innovative technology as a starting point for the development of infrastructure and new services/products for customers, which bring benefits in all areas of their daily life.

The Acea Group has undertaken some “Smart Service” initiatives of development and launch of services using Agile methodologies, with the collaboration of the different business areas. Each collaboration is aimed at defining the positioning strategy, preparing the business model and business plan of the new service, up to the development roadmap, the go-to-market strategy and the launch of the project itself. One of these working groups conceived the AceaSmartComp project which aims at the innovative management of organic waste.
Co-design for the circular economy