/ 2020
Treviso - Italy
Turny is the first battery-powered table lamp from the historical italian lighting company Fabbian.
Inspired by the torch, the portable light par excellence, Turny has evolved into an iconic object that strikes for the simplicity and elegance of its shapes. This allows it to adapt to transversal environments, especially to meet the needs of hotels, restaurants and contract in general.
The interaction also follows the same language of simplicity and immediacy thanks to the switching on, switching off and changing the intensity of the light mode that occurs through a simple gesture.
The new ownership at the head of the company has started a general renewal also in terms of product, which involved several new figures, including Emo Design, with the aim of bringing new ideas and contributions to the Fabbian range. Although the world of indoor residential lighting was still an unexplored territory for our studio, we accepted the challenge with great interest and enthusiasm, hoping to make a contribution not only in terms of design but also in terms of business to support the recovery plan.
A new challenge