Zoppas Industries

/ 2020
Treviso - Italy
Circle is the first towel warmer control of Zoppas Industries.
With this product we have contributed to the renewal of the company business unit linked to the production of systems for controls of the batrhroom’s temperature.
Made in two versions (white and chrome), it is characterized by a minimal design inspired by products of the world of smart thermoregulation. It is also equipped with an extremely user-friendly interface, which allows access to the functions that are available on various levels depending on the type of product to check.
The development of this project allowed us to have a co-design approach that involved different stakeholders of the company. Through a journey made of workshops and brainstormings, we have come to the definition of a new product range in terms of aesthetics and functionality, but above all in relation to the needs of the various distribution channels that the company oversees.
This, like other projects, highlights the ability of our studio to face organic and complex challenges, in which product design is often just the part of the partnership that represents a cog of larger movements in which strategic design and user experience become primary drivers.
The renewal of a business unit