Alto Design


/ 2020
Belluno - Italy
In occasion of the thirtieth year of activity and of the partnership with the giant Midea, the Italian company Clivet has started the evolution of its visual identity on all levels. A change that confirms its historical identity and that projects the company towards new market segments.
The restyling of the product identity is characterized by clean and straight lines and a wise use of white, hence the naming "Alto Design".
At the same time, the new user experience developed for all touch points with the company's products has allowed Clivet to offer itself in an extremely consistent way both in the interaction and in the aesthetics of its controls.
To face this complex identity project, we have worked synergistically with Clivet from the beginning, starting with a brand sprint to fully understand the brand, and then defining the output step by step. The result is a design capable of combining objects and controls with quite different characteristics within a single stylistic language, also guaranteeing the possibility for R&D to develop new products and experiences quickly and independently.
Alto design proposes a stylistic innovation that summarizes the values of the company, it is an expression of the Dolomite territory where it is based and allows it to address the professional and consumer markets in an innovative way, strengthening its position.
A new identity for the company