Scarabeo Ceramiche

/ 2020
Rome - Italy
Slide is the new modular system for bathroom furnishing designed for Scarabeo Ceramiche.
The main prerogative of the project was to reduce the complexity of construction and installation thanks to the use of a few aesthetic elements that also act as support elements for the entire structure.
Slide is in fact synonymous with flexibility and versatility and is composed of two main elements: the lateral supports, made of painted metal sheets, and the wooden shelves, available in different sizes and finishings. These, thanks to special holes, are easily inserted into the sides and allow to obtain multiple possibilities of supports.
Slide is an extremely customizable product, thanks to the possibility of choosing the size, positioning and finishing of the shelves, but also incredibly usable thanks to the ease of installation and the affordable cost.
Scarabeo has always been a manufacturer of ceramic products for the bathroom. It is precisely from this market segment that, together with the company, we decided to develop a wider product range capable of conveying the vision of the Scarabeo bathroom also through furnishing accessories and accessories. A choice born from the intuition of complete the existing product range, but also a natural evolution for a dynamic company always attentive to innovation and market trends.
The first consolle was born together with the Fuji sink, the first product born from our collaboration with the company, while Slide is the most recent and it seems simple but it represents the result of a careful study of the bathroom and the functional elements that compose it.
Flexibility and versatility