Maria Costanza e Regina

Sergio Leoni

/ 2020
Maria Costanza and Regina are the future that derives from the past; the essence of tradition reinterpreted in a minimal approach. They are objects that wink at the past, shorn off the excess of decorations. These pellet stoves are created to live in contemporary, modern and minimal environments but can also fit into any other.
The collaboration with Sergio Leoni is born from the long and profitable partnership between Emo design and MCZ Group and it was a real discovery for our studio. Recently acquired by the group, Sergio Leoni is a company with artisanal roots and a remarkable attention to quality.
This project was born out of the need of the company to redesign the stove that Master Sergio Leoni had realized inspired by the Nordic "stube" stove, one of the most iconic products of the brand.

The duty to redesign it in a more modern key was given to our studio, hence the outcome of the two stoves, Maria Costanza and Regina.
Our team intervened in lightening the decorations and simplifying the traditional lines typical of the "Stube" stove. Everything was done without distorting the dna of the brand and of the object.
With this project, we will be representing ourselves at our 10th year at Progetto Fuoco; surely with a more mature spirit and a proven experience in the field of stoves.
The essence of classic