Dalla Corte

/ 2019
Milano - Italy
Dalla Corte ZERO is a professional coffee machine dedicated to the specialty bar. ZERO gathers together the excellent technical characteristics that have always been a sign of Dalla Corte. For example the thermic stability of the brewing units and a multiboiler technology, that offers the possibility to separate and work on the brewing units independently thanks to the presence of a dedicated boiler to the coffee extraction for each group.
Dalla Corte ZERO was designed with the aim to highlight the brand’s values. At a first glance, an elegant and distinctive machine is perceived with curvy and contemporary lines that gives it a feminine appeal, maintaining Dalla Corte dna in many aesthetical and functional details.
The grid positioned in front of the brewing units, function as a branding element but is also studied to protect the user from eventual burning; while the opportunity to customize some of the components allows the coffee makers to install ZERO in perfect matching with the interior design of their bars.
The easy to use touch displays, positioned in each group allow the user to control the extraction settings and the general settings of the machine.
The project realized for Dalla Corte is surely one of the most complex we have been dealing with, for the competencies and for the depth of our action.
It’s the result of a really useful collaboration with the company and especially with the Dalla Corte family (today at their third generation) that continues to innovate this market everyday.
Designing a coffee machine means to know the many technologies of the components, technical and constructive details, ergonomics, functionalities and above all it means to know the final user of the object, in other words the barista.
For this reason our project started from a very deep design research. On desktop to better understand the market players, and above all on the field. In fact, beginning from Milan, Padua and Treviso, we flew to London to "live" the many bars dedicated to specialty coffee but also to visit the "London Coffee Festival", where the best barista of the world challenge themselves and where we could observe the trends and habits of these persons.
Thanks to this deep research on the final user we could define a very strong and consistent design language for the coffee machine ZERO, that could help the company to authentically distinguish from the competitors and to position it in a well-defined niche of the market.
After more than 1000 hours of designing, in perfect coordination with the company, we are very proud to communicate that Dalla Corte ZERO will be presented at HOST 2019.
It’s already time to talk about an icon!
The new coffee icon