e37 Z Barista


/ 2019
Venezia - Italy
E37 Z-Barista by Ceado is the first coffee grinder with hopper, that offers the opportunity to grind and maintain the grinding chamber perfectly clean for each coffee, avoiding coffee contamination within different coffees and obtaining the maximum from this instrument.
The design of E37 Z-Barista is born from the need to cleverly integrate with equilibrium, the many technical components into the grinder. Therefore its architecture derives from the object’s functionalities. The aesthetic details were designed from this assumption. Like the brand colour indicator in the grinding ring, the knob for regulating the grinding with a particular checkering that permits a more precise handle, a solid and resistant base to keep the load of the machine and contain vibrations.
E37 Z-Barista is controlled by a user interface that allows the user to set the functions dedicated to the coffee grinding like quantity and granulometry.
Finally, the hopper to keep the coffee beans has been especially designed with a specific shape in its backside to allow the user to have more moving space during coffee preparation.
"Thought by and for real coffee lovers" synthetically express the coffee grinder E37 Z-Barista.
A project developed in synergy with Ceado’s technical office. The company we have been collaborating with for some years and thanks to which we have discovered the magic world of the coffee specialists and lovers.
As it sometimes happens in this field, the many technical and technological performances of the product are more important than the aesthetic. This is the reason why the main difficulty in this project was to give value to the object functionality.
Therefore we worked following a user-driven scope, studying the ergonomic and the interaction with the product; but we were able to realize and object that will be surely talked about.
User-driven Design