/ 2018
Treviso - Italy
The JF40 realized for Jekko, is a telescopic crane on tracks with outriggers generally used in building sites to reach heights in different positions. This kind of machine is projected to be easily transportable and maneuverable, for application in environments where only this kind of products can be used.
The restyling by Emo design represents the state of the art in this market.
Its general architecture is solid and massive, while its edgy lines contribute to give it a dynamic feeling, in consistence with the company's existing range of products of which it maintains the chromatic and stylish mood.
The machine's body is designed to ease the operator's movements through an easy access of the central engine and the footboard. The area dedicated to the operating space has been ergonomically optimized, creating a pocket as an additional compartment to place objects.
In addition, the roll bar embracing the command dashboard, allows an easier use of the levers and gives the possibility to lean against it for major stability and driving precision.
This project has its roots in our territory, in fact Jekko is a company from the province of Treviso and is located not too far from our studio, therefore we had the opportunity to work very closely with them thanks to the logistics.
The project has permitted us to put on the field all our competences not only in the industrial design but also in interaction design. In fact, even if the mini crane is a product dedicated to the b2b, the aim of the project was give the best interaction between the man and the machine in order to obtain the maximum capacity of movements and easy driving.
During the development phase of the product, we have soon realized that not all the aesthetical characteristics we wanted to give it were applicable, but we could see how some of the small tips (for instance the roll bar and the objects holder), could facilitate the operator’s activities beyond defining some aesthetical details of the object.
The final result was astonishing and we are already working on some new projects for the company that seems to have understood the design potentiality.
Real industrial design