/ 2018
Forlì Cesena - Italy
The collection for urban and outdoor furniture Brenta is composed by bollards, benches, vases and appliques. It is an homage to concrete, a fluid but solid material, durable and with a high mechanical resistance.
Gentle but rigorous lines characterise these objects, which common feature is to be functional and lighting items at once. Therefore perfect to create special night atmosphere, not only in city centres but also in private houses or in collective areas.
The bench and the XL bollards are smart objects, because respectively equipped with wireless charging and wi-fi antenna, that permits to get a performing internet connection even in wide public spaces.
Brenta was born from the company request of creating a collection of lighting and furniture objects made of high resistance concrete.
During the development of the project our team of designers have focused on two main issues: the brand’s DNA and the company’s desire to align itself to new market trends that consider the use of concrete not only as functional but also decorative material.
Besides, even if Neri is surely better known for being the manufacturer who has written the history of cast iron for public lighting in Italy (to the point of founding the "Cast Iron Museum" inside its headquarters), the wish of manufacturing a concrete collection aims to satisfy the requirements of international landscape designers and open the way to new and unexplored markets.
The gentle lines featured in Brenta were therefore born from the need to aesthetically align the new products to the existing range of the company, shaped by the cast iron smoothness and curviness. At the same time we worked on the object modularity for a more sustainable industrialisation process, for example this is visible in the applique shape that matches with the lighting head of the bollard.
Grace and substance