/ 2017
Treviso - Italy
Thought to be extremely adaptable and manoeuvrable, Black17, hold within itself all the basket 3x3 philosophy: dynamism, speed and style.
The detailed aesthetic research of all its components, makes the new Artisport hoop a product with an innovative and unique design.
The lateral protections give it an energetic and aggressive feeling and, beyond carrying out their function, they let you see the light internal structure that is extremely studied in details. The 24s display is integrated into the front protection to always have the time under control. The weight balance is studied so that the system can be used even without the anchoring system. The system is additionally equipped with integrated castors and thanks to its lightness (750 kg), it can be easily moved by just one person.
Its versatile design allows its positioning during indoor and outdoor events and the possibility of colours personalisation permits to offer to sponsors a customised solution for their communications purposes.
Black17 represent the continuation of the path we began with Artisport through the design of the basketball system Red15, that had introduced us into the world of basketball.
The basketball system Balck17 has been thought for the 3x3 basketball, which regulation and practice require very precise needs that imposed some very strict limits to our project since the briefing phase. Therefore it’s been necessary to focus our work on some details of the structure, avoiding to modifying the overall architecture of the product but communicating at the same time the brand’s values as well as energy, dynamism and versatility that represent this sport’s keywords.
In addition, some little tricks have outlined a product with a minimal aesthetics that distinguishes itself form the competitors, determining a new standard in the market.
Black17 has been exhibited at FSB 2017 in Cologne for the first time.
Dynamism and energy