/ 2017
Pordenone - Italy
Première is the new graphic interface designed for Iglu and thought to equip with a highly technologic system the wine display range dedicated to wine conservation in the food service.
This interface can be installed in a single unit from which it is possible to control up to 10 fridges and thanks to the connection in cloud, it can be constantly and automatically updated.
Thanks to a graphics aligned with current consumer trends and an extremely intuitive interaction flow, Première has been developed to be usable by multiple users and on multiple levels. The interface allows not only easy management of the display for both the maintainer and the owner of the restaurant but also offers the possibility of a new interaction experience with the end customer.
The maintenance technician is granted access to all product features, including service and technical parameters. The restaurant owner is, or advanced user, can change options such as temperature and lighting, upload images and videos to advertise his offer to customers or let them live a different experience of a convivial moment.
The waiter, or the base user, is only enabled to open and close the door. Lastly, the experience of the end customer is enhanced by the possibility of displaying and scrolling the wine list on the display even through a dedicated portal, accessible directly from any smart device.
The implementation of the Iglu interface has immediately inspired us for its complexity. Indeed, this is a project that has put in place various skills that have included, in addition to the design capability, the logic and interpretation of user habits. The design challenge was to combine in a single tool different needs and make it easy to use for the actual user of the product. Together with the generation of graphics, we have developed the entire flow of interaction with the product and, thanks to a detailed research on users, we have managed to develop a simple and intuitive diagram that allows the company to offer an extremely high innovative product which is also aligned with the latest trends in IoT.
A new interaction experience