/ 2017
Pordenone - Italy
HiChef by Friulinox is the new multifunction blast-chiller equipped with the most innovative functions of blast chilling, blast freezing, thawing, retarder proofing, low cooking.
This new object is characterized by a functional and stylish design that permits not only to reach high performances during food preparation, but also to equip with a modern taste the kitchen of restaurants and hotels.
The new ventilation grid is characterized by an clear graphic sign that recalls the company’s logo, while the chromatic choice of copper, aligns the product to the most recent design tendencies of the consumer market.
The handle, frontally positioned as the principal and ergonomic element eases the grip with both hands, letting the chef to easily and quickly move around the kitchen.
The graphic interface updated with new icons and fresh images, is aligned to the new Friulinox brand identity, expressing a higher level of intuitiveness and simplicity of interaction and leaving the space for new development of functions and programs.
The project realized for Friulinox is born from the need of the company to express a more professional feeling trough their most performing range and to boost the perceived quality of their products.
In order to reach this objective, our studio has developed the design process on three main themes: the redesign of the frontal ventilation grid, the handle repositioning and the graphic interface restyling.
Therefore the handle has been emphasised and frontally positioned not only to simplify the use of the blast-chiller and to easily place it in the kitchen but especially to espress a more professional feeling compared to the previous product that had led the company to a more domestic feeling.
The traditional lines of the grid have been restyled and enriched with a graphic sign that recalls the O of the company’s logo, increasing Friulinox brand awareness.
Finally the redesign process of the graphic interface has involved not only the interaction with the product (thanks to the new positioning into the handle), but also the choice of new colours and a higher intuitiveness and simplicity of use trough the new programming of some functions.
A new professional feeling