/ 2017
Padova - Italy
The kitchen single piece Panoramagic impresses for its uniqueness and ability to represent reliability, magnificence, professionalism and advanced technology, which have always been the brand’s main values.
In this product, the hexagon taken from the company’s logo is used as a detail in the knobs and as a motif in the grids, becoming a strong impact element to identify the brand.
The tilted command area, inspired by the automotive design, as well as the decorative and functional lighting elements contribute to communicate the innovative and technological character of the kitchen single piece.
In addition the led lights on the knobs give a feedback about the cooking activity, whereas the light of the whole product can also be used as an ambient light.
ILVE is a historic manufacturer that produces professional kitchen appliances for domestic use in Padova from 1969. The company has a strong reputation that has always distinguished it for the clever use of materials, the advanced technology and the attention for details. It has relied on us to complete a project of boosting the brand identity, which already began with other communications specialists. Therefore we have been involved in the development of the Panoramagic range that is composed of a single-piece kitchen and a built-in oven, where an interface has been applied that contributes to emphasise the products with an innovative and technologic touch.
This is our first project dedicated to the market of professional kitchens for domestic use and we are proud to have done it with a company that still contributes to enlighten the Made in Italy.
Avant-garde and tradition