/ 2012
Treviso  - Italy
Designed for Falmec, the cooker hood Zephiro is the expression of the innovative technology e.Ion, that permits to filter the air through a ionization process. Zepiro is characterized by the contrast within the feminine lines of the glass shell and the technology embedded in its heart. A design that doesn’t follow tendencies and can last over time, is expressed by a light and balanced shape and in the fine colours, allowing it to match with every kitchen.
While designing Zephiro we had to “tackle” with the issue of innovation. Indeed Falmec was about to launch its latest ionization technology that would change the way of thinking to cooker hoods as appliances to reduce odours in the house, introducing a system that could also clean the air in the house. Therefore we had to find the right dress for the product. We thought about a long lasting design with a feminine shape to go in contrast with the cold technological heart of this machine. At the same time we enhanced the capabilities of the company, indeed the dress made out of glass require a high knowledge in modelling glass.
Technologic elegance