UI Panoramagic


/ 2017
Padova - Italy
The Panoramagic oven user interface contributes to innovate the range of ILVE kitchen appliances that introduces a new static, pyrolitic and multifunction ovens boosting its brand identity through a rigorous application of the brand values.
Achieved to be extremely easy to use, the graphic interface has been researched to satisfy the needs of a classy user, who loves cooking, good food and desires to have elevated performances at home, without renouncing to design.
Thought to be used also with multi-hole ovens, it is composed by three sections dedicated to cooking, temperature and time. From each one of these it is possible to select, through a menu, the desired method of cooking thanks to the simple graphic icons; the temperature can be chosen through digital buttons or with a simple slide similar to the smartphone’s.
During the heating phase the temperature icon becomes incrementally coloured while during the cooking all the icons give a red feedback, specifically chosen to be more coherent with the brand identity.
The development of the interface for ILVE is part of the project Panoramagicthat has been presented for the first time at IMM 2017 in Cologne. It is a pleasure for us to know that the best chefs of the moment will use our products to cook during the event "Cibo a Regola d’Arte 2017".
Simplicity and performance