Grandimpianti ALI

/ 2016
Belluno - Italy
Wavy is a highly innovative user interface within the reference market as it is adjustable in accordance with the type of user that is initially set. In other words it is extreme simplification for the public user and maximum flexibility and speed in the generation of the washing cycles for the advanced user . These features are finally combined with the possibility of a dedicated cloud system through which it is possible to read multiple parameters such as products usage, errors and performances.
The look and feel and the interaction flow have been designed and developed in order to be the more universal as possible while maintaining a strong and unique feeling. This has permitted to reposition the brand Grandimpianti ALI on a higher perceived and real qualitative level.
The new user interface has consequently led to the generation of a deep facelift of the products. The 7” vertical display chosen has been placed in an asymmetrical position in contrast to the traditional central position. This choice allowed us to obtain a highly recognizable design and a deep renewal.
The world of professional products is facing a great revolution. The increasing complexity of these machines has necessarily led to the need of working with much more attention on usability simplification for the final user. On the other hand new technologies offer performances and increasingly more complex functions to handle.
Professionals indeed are not looking anymore for "simply performing" objects but claim pleasant and simple to manage solutions. Using a professional oven or an industrial washing machine, professional users should keep focused on their work and not on how to operate the machine. That's why the technology must be increasingly "domesticated" to be at the users service.
Our design team, together with the company R&D and software developers, has therefore focused on washing machines and dryers users real needs, who can be a professional or a regular user. Indeed these products are often installed in the self service where it is essential to have an easy to read product through universal and diffused linguistic codes.
This project was rewarded with the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 - Honorable Mention.
Professional evolution