/ 2016
Treviso  - Italy
The cooker hood Sophie is born from an exploratory approach which is strongly philosophical and erotic. Its main geometry derives from the skillful interpretation of a feminine body. The absolute elegance and the strong seduction of the woman’s hips are transferred in the product through a message composed of geometries and proportions universally recognized.
Sophie is finally been enriched by the special finishes which were fruits of a sophisticated and careful research.
Sophie was ideated during the development of the same project of Dama. Both the cooker hoods were born from the need of the company to produce a collection equipped with the new and innovative Circle.Tech system, that integrates in a unique body, the engine as well as the filtering system.
The reduced dimensions of this module permitted us to develop suspension filtering cooker hoods with high performances but at the same time extremely decorative and ideal to be installed in the most modern kitchens.
Feminine shapes