I mini

Scarabeo Ceramiche

/ 2016
Rome - Italy
The new collection of mini washbasin designed for Scarabeo Ceramiche is composed of three series: Hung, Cube and Soft. A total number of nine washbasins, designed to consistently integrate to the brand’s value. The Cube range appears like a suspended ceramic cube, the washbasin reveals a distinct aesthetic dimension without renouncing to functionality and regardless of its compact dimensions, the hand washing is facilitated by the rather large depth of the bowl. The Hung serie considers a towel rail in its main structure, giving all the necessary in a reduced space. The third range Soft, enhances the company’s manufacturing skills by reaching a high ceramic definition. The thin edge is in contrast with the soft bowl shape that let water to flow.
Traveling around the world we have noticed that in many geographic areas very small washbasins are used. Cultural environment and limited space caused by a different urbanist and architectonic development led to the introduction of mini washbasins, that are normally used to wash one’s hands. Despite having a wide market, we have noticed that this category of products has never been approached as traditional washbasins have been designed and developed. Only a few companies have superficially investigated the issue, while Scarabeo immediately trusted the potential of this project. Therefore we have explored some solutions that could give them a new life. The mini washbasins become decorative and functional through some accessory as for example the towel rail integrated in Hung.
An intuition that rewarded us with the iF Product Design Award 2017.
Small bathrooms need supporting solutions too and, due to the success of Scarabeo’s Mini sinks, we developed the furnishing collections Cube and Fold with the aim of completing the range of ceramic products. Made of folded metal sheet, both the projects represent fresh and contemporary concepts that, thanks to a wise use of the material, create extremely practical, economic and unique furnishings. Born with the aim of completing the range of ceramic products for small places of the brand, today they can be installed with more than 100 products of Scarabeo Ceramiche’s catalogue.
Small washbasins can be useful