/ 2016
Our design team has created a solution that allows to minimize the thickness of the grid hiding behind the plates of the wall-fixing frame, the first "frameless” grids designed to avoid the annoying frame which normally encloses the air vents. A silent object from the aesthetic point of view but with a strong identity compared with traditional grids from competitors.
The horizontal unframed lines gives the product an incredible elegance and overall revise the technological identity of Midea brand.
Finally the graphic user interface has been designed following a soft skeuomorph style with the aim of emphasizing and communicating to the users the performance of Midea’s technological heart, also following the most relevant taste and trends from the Chinese market. The interaction mode is based on solutions brought from smartphones to facilitate all users while the interface hardware fully reflects the philosophy behind the ventilation grids: thin, elegant and silent.
In China ducted air conditioning systems are more common than in other markets while visible units are rarely installed.
As the entire system is channelled and then hidden, together with Midea R&D we decided to change the typical aesthetic and interaction of these products by working on a few visible elements. Specifically, they are the grid of ventilation, the air inlet grid and the wall-mounted control display.
These few elements led us to a great challenge: to communicate Midea’s identity keeping their nature of objects that are embedded within the domestic architecture.
Natural evolution