/ 2015
Vicenza - Italy
The scooter eS1 is the second project for urban mobility realised in partnership with Askoll. Like the bike eB1, it embodies a democratic but stylish design. Inspired to the models that wrote the history of scooters in Italy, it is thought to offer manageability and agility while moving in the urban environment. The design is characterised by an accurate research for details, so the scooter is equipped with mounted led lights, the battery is placed into the central body from where it is easily extractable to be recharged directly from home. The scooter has been thought to be customised, indeed a series of accessories as the chest to carry objects, the windscreen and the cover against rain will be presented.
After the e-bike, Askoll requested us to design a easy to drive e-scooter for the urban environment. The firm wanted to introduce in the market some electrical vehicles, that could revolution the way urban mobility was conceived until then. These products should generate value for the firm and push it into the future. With the introduction of eB1 and eS1 Askoll has started a reconversion process that includes not only the production but also the retail, moving from the B2B to the B2C. Indeed eB1 and eS1 will be distributed in Italy in the firm’s flagship stores. For us it has been a great challenge that we accepted with passion and commitment, especially because of the typology of products and also for the responsibility towards the execution of the project.
Electrical design