MCZ Group

/ 2015
Pordenone - Italy
The pellet stove Klin, designed for MCZ Group, is characterised by shape essentiality and extreme definition of details. Indeed, the strict shapes and the essential lines express their value through the maximum care for details, offering a very high perceived quality of the product. The choice of wide and thick surfaces made of glass, metal sheet or stone, gives a higher solidity to the stove beyond emphasising its Nordic character with particular details as the opening door line. The superior grid graphic lines that match with the stove’s architecture, ease the cap opening helping the action of recharging. The wide fireplace, beside giving a pleasant vision of the flame, contributes to define the minimalist character of this product that can also be equipped with the air canalising system by MCZ Group.
Inspired to the Nordic design, long-lasting by definition, the stove Klin is born from the need of MCZ Group of launching into the market a product with a very simple but distinctive design language, that could get way from the previous range of products and that could aim at completing the company’s offer through a minimal design. The reason why we chose the Nordic design is due to the fact that this design language is spreading around in Southern Europe, especially in markets that are contaminated by design. The pellet stove Klin was presented at ISH 2015 in Frankfurt with a range of minimalist pellet stoves also designed by Emo and equipped with the most advanced MCZ Group technologies.
Minimalism and Functionality